Birds of Eden the largest free flight bird aviary in the world, Plettenberg Bay Garden Route Adventures South Africa
Birds of Eden the largest free flight bird aviary in the world, Plettenberg Bay Garden Route Adventures South Africa
Birds of Eden the largest free flight bird aviary in the world, Plettenberg Bay Garden Route Adventures South Africa
It is because of sanctuaries such as Monkeyland and Birds of Eden which go beyond idealism, and who strive to do something positive, that we can look forward to a more optimistic future.
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Poachers Beware!

Upon first glance, the new efforts undertaken by the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya on behalf of their wildlife may seem extreme. Pause for a moment, though, and consider this fact: three of six endangered white rhinos left on the planet reside at the reserve. Now, Ol Pejeta’s military-style plan may feel less scary and more necessary.
Teams of Kenyan police reservists are trained to a high level and armed against the threat of poachers. Trained dogs work side-by-side with these men to patrol the reserve’s some 90,000 acres and safeguard the astounding variety of animals at Ol Pejeta in addition to the endangered white rhino, including lions, leopards, zebras, elephants, buffalo, chimpanzees, and hartebeests. And from above, drones monitor the land, alerting the staff to any disconcerting presence or issue. A three-pronged approach to safety may sound complex, but Ol Pejeta will not rest until the day when all wildlife’s survival is guaranteed. 

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Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards

Award collected by Niels Els, President Skål International Garden Route, on behalf of the SAASA

Congratulations to The South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance (SAASA) for winning The SKAL International Sustainable Tourism Award “Best Major Tourist Attraction in the World” which was bestowed on SAASA at the 75th SKAL International Conference in Mexico City on 26th October 2014.
Sunday, 26 October 2014 - During the Opening Ceremony of the 75th Skål World Congress held at the Sheraton Maria Isabel Hotel in Mexico City, Mrs. Karine Coulanges, International President of Skål International, presented the Sustainable Tourism awards to eight winners. Conducted with the help of Sealed Air's Diversey Care division, a leading global provider of commercial cleaning, sanitation and hygiene solutions, the awards honour tourism initiatives that support environmental sustainability.
Skål, founded in 1934, is the largest organisation of travel and tourism professionals in the world. To encourage the conservation of the environment and help promote the development of responsible and sustainable tourism, Skål International initiated an awards program in 2002, during "The Year of Ecotourism and the Mountains" as declared by the United Nations.
Since their launch in 2002, the awards have received strong ongoing support and attracted a high level of participation, with a total of 506 entrants. This year, a total of 24 projects from 12 countries entered the eight different categories. Click here to view the full list of projects.              
To evaluate the projects, Skål International selected the panel of three independent judges from important institutions/organisations and experts in Eco and Sustainable tourism. The primary criteria for the evaluation is based on points such as contribution to the conservation of nature and cultural heritage, community involvement, educational features, business viability and innovation.
Skål International wishes to express its gratitude to the three independent judges for accepting to carry on the evaluation and for the meticulous and laborious work conducted by them.
THE FEATURED PHOTOGRAPH: The South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance award collected by Niels Els who is the President Skål International Garden Route.

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The South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance (saasa) Makes South Africa Proud!!

Lara Mostert addressing the audience at The World responsible Tourism Awards clutching the Global Overall World Responsible Tourism Award

SAASA (South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance) which has 3 sanctuaries in The Crags, Plettenberg Bay namely Monkeyland, Birds of Eden and Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary, was awarded the two highest accolades in Responsible Tourism when, on Responsible Tourism Day (5 November 2014) at World Travel Market in London, SAASA was declared the winner of the World Responsible Tourism Award for the best “Animal Welfare Initiative”. 
SAASA then went on to win the overall Global Responsible Tourism Award, which it shares with another entity.
These accolades come on the heels of the two awards SAASA won in October namely The Lilizela Award for the “Best Animal Encounter” Lilizela is the highest tourism award you can get in South Africa, and The SKAL International Sustainable Tourism Award “Best Major Tourist Attraction in the World” which was bestowed on SAASA at the 75th SKAL International Conference in Mexico City on 26th October 2014.

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Liv Green At The River Cafe Is Now Open

Liv Green at the River cafe is now open for breakfast and lunch Located just off Piesang Valley Road in Plettenberg Bay and nestled under indigenous trees offering delightful bird life, on the rive bank of lilly’s you find the unique and tranquil setting of Liv Green at River Cafe, with bountiful offerings, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the perfect mix from burgers and wraps to organic specials and healthy lifestyle food Please find our menu attached We also do outside catering for picnics and parties Should you have any questions or require further information, please let me know

Kind regards Kira / -- 081 270 1978

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3 Amazing Wildlife Sanctuaries On The Garden Route Of South Africa

The parks’ indigenous forest is home of 550 primates, 200 species of birds and some of Africa’s largest cats. Monkeyland, Birds of Eden and Jukani are animal sanctuaries like no other.

Unlike other parks, they are a place of refuge, with fare trade accreditation and environmentally sound standards. Their focus is on conservation, eco-tourism and education. The 3 parks are South’s Africa’s pioneers in reintroducing mistreated animals back into their original environment. Their common mission is to rehabilitate their “guests” back into their wild state. They are implementing a ground breaking approach in their forest and spreading the knowledge to other wildlife parks overseas. In the parks, animals feel free, healthy and happy. The parks do not allow touching, petting, playing, feeding, handling or traumatizing the animals in any way.
On guided tours in Monkey land you will see free roaming multi-species primates, including gibbons, howler monkeys, vervet monkeys, langurs, sakis, capuchins, squirrel monkeys, spider monkeys, ring-tailed lemurs and the critically endangered black and white ruffed lemurs.
Birds of Eden host world’s largest single dome free-flight bird aviary in the world with over 200 different species of birds. The park is nested in 2.3 hectares of forest with waterways, suspensions bridges and natural walkaways.
Jakani is home of large cats such as lion, Bengal and Siberian tiger, jaguar, and more together with other wildlife such as the African wild dog, hyena, jackal, honey badger, zebra, raccoons.
Those 3 amazing sanctuaries are a true example of what a wildlife sanctuary should be and encourage other parks to follow the lead. There is no need to traumatize animals for the sake of tourism. It’s fun, exciting and very education to have wildlife encounters in a sanctuary where animal run free and feel happy.

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