Birds of Eden the largest free flight bird aviary in the world, Plettenberg Bay Garden Route Adventures South Africa
Birds of Eden the largest free flight bird aviary in the world, Plettenberg Bay Garden Route Adventures South Africa
Birds of Eden the largest free flight bird aviary in the world, Plettenberg Bay Garden Route Adventures South Africa
It is because of sanctuaries such as Monkeyland and Birds of Eden which go beyond idealism, and who strive to do something positive, that we can look forward to a more optimistic future.
About our primates

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Miscellaneous Links
Langalapu Crafts + Crurios

Langalapu, the unique fabric sun dyers.

Langa Lapu is Xhosa for "sun cloth", and we aim to bring some of our abundant African sunshine and vibrant colour into your homes.

Our exotic and colourful fabrics are handmade in South Africa combining our lush tropical vegetation with the African element of earth, wind, fire and water.
contact person:Pru Bolus +27 729048819

Language Centre

The Garden Route Language Centre invites you to learn English in the heart of the adventure capital of South Africa – the Garden Route. Our English school and student residence is situated in the jewel of the Garden Route - Plettenberg Bay.

Lazare Kokolo's Blog

Lazare used to work at Monkeyland for many years.  He is currently living in The States with the love of he's life, whom he met whist she volunteered at Monkeyland.  We love Lazare + wish him well.  Click here to visit Lazare's blog.

Leaping Bunny

Take the Leap to Cruelty-Free Products.

Learn English 4 Kidz

Make learning fun with the Magic Monkey game

Learn To Co-exist With Local Wildlife

Learn to co-exist with local wildlife.

Legal + Risk Managment

If you require a presentation on the Consumer Protection Act ('CPA') (From 3 hours to a 2 day workshop) ADVOCATE LOUIS NEL (B Comm, LLB, LLM) is your man – he has been working on it since the Green Paper in 2004 & has done over 50 presentations. He has worked with DTI.

Lemur Bots

In 2008, guitarist Pat Metheny approached LEMUR Director Eric Singer and said he wanted to tour with a backing band of all-robotic instruments. Eric said, "We can do that!", and the project commenced. LEMUR worked tirelessly throughout 2009 to produce about 40 custom stringed, mallet and percussion instruments to make up the ensemble. Many were based on LEMUR's considerable body of previous instrument designs, but many were newly designed creations. Along the way, Pat contacted several other makers including Ragtime West, Peterson and others to supplement the LEMUR collection.

 Throughout 2010, Pat toured the world with the Orchestrion ensemble. Each evening, a crew would set up the instruments, Pat would play a three hour concert, they would strike the set, go on to the next city and do it all again - quite an accomplishment. By all reports, the instruments performed flawlessles and the concerts were met with rave reviews. (Pat told Eric, "Your instruments were the least of our problems!")

 LEMUR was proud to be the force behind realizing the Orchestrion. Look for more recordings and tours by Pat and the Orchestrion in upcoming years. Don't miss an opportunity to see it!

If you're a musician interested in having your own robotic ensemble created, please contact us. We'd love to talk with you.

Lemur Frame Work

Lemur Framework is a proof-of-concept tiny GPL high performance PHP framework. It is based on the MVC pattern.

Lemur Monitors

Lemur Monitors help drivers to monitor their driving to make various improvements to their behaviour.

Lemur Music

Lemur Music -- for over 40 years

The World's Most Complete Source of Instruments & Supplies for Upright Bass. Whether you are a seasoned orchestra professional or a student bassist...

Whether you play classical, jazz, avante garde, or bluegrass and folk music... Lemur has 2500+ items in stock to keep your bass in tip-top shape and improve your playing skills.

Lemur Team

L.E.M.U.R. (the League of Energy Materialization and Unexplained phenomena Research) is one of the United States' foremost paranormal research teams.

Leonardo Academy

Leonardo Academy provides comprehensive sustainability services that help companies and organizations understand, quantify, manage and report their overall sustainability including all three legs of sustainability. Leonardo Academy specializes in LEED consulting, Enterprise Sustainability, Emissions Services, Land Management Services and Sustainability Training.

Leonardo Academy works with organizations, corporations, families and individuals to evaluate their current impacts and to develop effective, measurable strategies to enhance sustainability. Leonardo Academy works to develop innovative tools that leverage the competitive market so both buyers and sellers can drive increased sustainability and create sustainability opportunities that promote a thriving planet and transform the way we live. 

Lesley Simpson Communications

As a boutique PR agency specialising in the travel and tourism industry, it has been LSC’s objective over the past 20 years, to offer a consistent level of personalised service and ingenuity, providing clients with exceptional public relations, marketing communications and event management - with suitable return on investment.

More than this and in-keeping with the demands of changing economies and market trends, a desire to combine foresight in order to keep ahead of clients’ expectations.  We do not want to be the biggest, but most definitely regarded as ‘one of the most reputable’ in the PR arena.

Founded on a career of photographic safaris in Southern Africa, we are fortunate to be exposed to a lot in terms of giving back to communities and the environment.  Tourism is a key to the understanding of many different cultures, and therefore it is a privilege to be associated with so many different projects.

Lewis Campbell's Blog

An awesome blog by Lewis Campbell

Liberty International

Liberty international is a destination management company who provides travel and professional and technical services to Fit’s, Tailor made Fit’s traffic, groups, incentives events and conferences, adventure tours , outdoor management training groups, and team building groups throughout Southern Africa.

Light Monkey

Light Monkey Enterprises LLC takes pride in producing technically superior products for the dive industry. We offer a wide variety of diving related merchandise, much of which is featured here.

Lime Green Monkey

Lime Green Monkey™ offers a line of daily-use organic cloths that help save the planet. Our first product line is Snottykins™ organic cotton handkerchiefs. These child-friendly organic cotton hankies are illustrated with playful original artwork accompanied by clever environmental slogans that encourage children and adults to do their part in saving the planet. Snottykins are designed to replace single-use tissues, with cotton hankies you can wash and reuse, over and over again. Trees have more important things to do than become single-use tissues, napkins or other disposable goods that end up in the landfill.

Trees produce oxygen and clean the air, they provide habitats for many creatures, trees absorb and lock away carbon dioxide, they provide shade, windbreaks and an occasional tree fort. Lime Green Monkey products such as Snottykins are a perfect baby shower gift, especially for eco-friendly moms who have requested earth friendly baby gifts or presents for an eco baby shower. Our products also make wonderful toddler presents, especially to the earth conscientious parents or grandparents. . Please consider making the switch to cloth—whether it be cloth hankies, cloth napkins or cloth “paper towels”. The trees will appreciate it. And, whether they realize it or not, so will all the other oxygen dependent people and other species in the world. Thank you for reading and I hope you will enjoy our site.

Lime Monkey

Welcome to Lime Monkey retailing funky kids clothes. From the funky surfer dude & casual urban fresh face, to simply beautiful clothing.

Lime Monkey sources smaller designer brands, giving you greater exclusivity – so find something different! Click boys or girls to start shopping.

Liv Green River Cafe

Good Day
Liv Green at the River cafe is now open for breakfast and lunch
Located just off Piesang Valley Road in Plettenberg Bay and nestled under indigenous trees offering delightful bird life,  on the rive bank of lilly’s you find the unique and tranquil setting of Liv Green at River Cafe, with bountiful offerings, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the perfect mix from burgers and wraps to organic specials and healthy lifestyle food
Please find our menu attached
We also do outside catering for picnics and parties
Should you have any questions or require further information, please let me know
Kind regards
081 270 1978

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