Birds of Eden the largest free flight bird aviary in the world, Plettenberg Bay Garden Route Adventures South Africa
Birds of Eden the largest free flight bird aviary in the world, Plettenberg Bay Garden Route Adventures South Africa
Birds of Eden the largest free flight bird aviary in the world, Plettenberg Bay Garden Route Adventures South Africa
TAMHF is home to both primates (monkeys, lemurs and apes) and birds, who are unable to live natural lives because of the loss of a limb, an illness disability and/or psychological problem.
About our primates

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Madagascar Fauna Group

The MFG was established in 1988 when Madagascar's population was 11,362,718; 21 years later the population has almost doubled at its current estimate of 20,653,556. While the growing human population was driven to convert more of the country's forests into farmed land, the actual per capita production of agricultural products declined from 149.3 in 1961 to 119.9 in 1990 and 93.8 in 2003 (Globalis). Historically among the poorest of the underdeveloped countries, the Government's leaders have met with mixed success in lifting their people out of poverty.

Madagascar Lemur Park

Lemurs Park à Antananarivo réserve privée de lémuriens à Madagascar

A coté d' Antananarivo (Tana ou Tananarive) la capitale de Madagascar, Lemurs'Park est une réserve privée de lémuriens, oeuvrant pour la conservation de l'environnement Malgache. A 25 km de TANA ville, Lemurs'Park est la seule réserve de Madagascar où vous pouvez observer 9 espèces de lémuriens en totale liberté.

Ce n'est pas un Zoo, néanmoins un parc botanique complètera votre visite écotouristique.

L'endroit idéal pour sortir de Tana, le temps d'une journée.

Madagascar Wildlife Conservation

MWC is an international non-profit organisation working in Madagaskar. The goal of our projects is to preserve the unique nature on and around Lac Alaotra and at the same time to respect the needs of the local people of the region.


Our aim is to rescue, sterilize, rehabilitate and, where possible, re-home abandoned and abused feral cats.
Being pro-life, cats are ONLY euthanased on the advice of veterinarians where quality of life is compromised through disease, illness or injury. Although specialising in the welfare of cats, we will not hesitate to rescue all manner of animals in a state of neglect or abuse, and have done so on numerous occasions.

Monkey Day

Monkey News - worth reading - news about primates -monkeys, apes and lemurs from all over the world.

Monkey Forest At Trentham, Uk

Monkey forest is set in 60 acres of beautiful Staffordshire woodland and meadows where 140 monkeys live in total freedom. You are plunged into the Barbary macaques fascinating world as you hear rustling in the trees, chattering in a strange language and see the monkeys crashing through branches.

Walking along the path you are transported into a different world of animal magic!

Monkey Helpline Blog

Fo South Africans. Posts concerning Vervet monkeys and birds in your Garden.

Monkey Park - Santa Cruz, Guanacaste


Monkey Park is an environmental refuge that rescue s wild animals that have been confiscated by governmental agencies. These animals receive specialized care focused on their recovery and eventual integration back to their natural habits. For several reasons, some animals cannot be set free. Monkey Park offers them a home with the best possible living conditions.  This situation has turned out to be a plus for environmental education.

Monkey Park is located in the town of Portegolpe, Santa Cruz, Guanacaste, a humid area that offers a high level of biological diversity. The region is characterized by incredibly beautiful trees, and provides the conditions necessary for a variety of species of animals that live in the dry tropical forest.

This area has undergone numerous changes over the past 50 years. Unfortunately, these changes have had a negative impact on several species.  The growth and development of these species of plants and animals have been affected by the new roads, urban development and the economic growth of the area.

This new economic growth has endangered the animal species. They now face new dangers like a higher probability of accidents, the hunting and illegal captivity of many species, fires, and a lack of food due to the diminishing space for the plants and animals needed to sustain them.

Also, the mestizo culture of Guanacaste, weaved with the threads of Precolombina Chorotegan (Maya) heritage, afro-descendants and European colonization have found themselves in situations where modern life is challenging their traditions and not always under equal conditions.

With the purpose of providing refuge and adequate space to support the natural and cultural diversity of this area, Monkey Park was created in the year 2000. Find out more about us and help us to support and strengthen this valuable resource because… Monkey Park also belongs to you!

Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary

Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary in South Africa is the World’s first free-roaming, multi-species primate sanctuary. Experienced rangers guide one-hour tours through Monkeyland’s indigenous forest in English, Afrikaans, German, Italian, French, Italian and Spanish. More than 450 primates free-roam the Monkeyland’s forest. The sanctuary is situated 16km East of Plettenberg Bay off the N2. Please visit or call Lara +27 (0)82 9795683 for more information.

Mount Takao Monkey Park

Mount Takao Monkey Park 高尾山 サル園 (Takao-san Saru-en) Takao-san means Mt. Takao but the word for Mountain 山 (yama) had been added as "san" 山 in the suffix (Takao-san).   In fact, it's the exact same pronounciation if you knew a guy with Takao as his last name "Mr. Takao" (Takao-San).   In Japan all living things are believed to have a spirit and they definitely believe something as big and powerful as a mountain has its own spirit, so I like to think of it as a small personification that they choose to refer to mountains in this way.  :-)  Takao-san has a pretty good reputation for providing a quiet, relaxing, nature-filled afternoon for Tokyo-ites fed up with their urban jungle.  Mount Takao has even won 3 stars in Michelin's famed sightseeing guide.  It has a temple, nature walks, waterfalls, its own legendary goblin (tengu) shaped tree, a legendary tree with Octopus (looking) roots,  and a Monkey park.

Muriqui Concervation

The Pro-Muriqui Association was founded in 2000 to meet the specific demands of the PHVA Muriqui to organize the scientific research and conservation of spider monkeys-the-south in the state of Sao Paulo. More recently (2007), the Association Pro-Muriqui completed the first version of its institutional strategic plan.

Maintain viable populations of wild primate Muriqui South-to future human generations, through the development of scientific research, environmental education and forest restoration in the Hall of Biodiversity of the Serra do Mar, in order to contribute to the preservation of remaining natural forest Atlantic to protect the water sources of drinking water in large urban centers in Southeast Brazil.

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