Birds of Eden the largest free flight bird aviary in the world, Plettenberg Bay Garden Route Adventures South Africa
Birds of Eden the largest free flight bird aviary in the world, Plettenberg Bay Garden Route Adventures South Africa
Birds of Eden the largest free flight bird aviary in the world, Plettenberg Bay Garden Route Adventures South Africa
Monkeyland and Birds of Eden provides the primates and birds at the sanctuaries with a stable environment, one with permanence and where there is definitely no exploitation.
About our primates

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We Love Cape Town

Customise your tour experience according to your requirements.

Weather For South Africa

Weather for South Africa. select weather. Alexander Bay, Annadale, Barkly West, Beauvallon, Bellville, Benoni, Berlin, Bethlehem Airport, Bloemfontein, Mossel Bay, Sedgefield, Knysna, Wilderness, Plettenberg Bay, The Crags, Jeffrey's Bay, Port Elizabeth etc.

Weather South Africa

South Africa Weather from the official MET office. The ONLY accurate source of SA weather.

Web Rangers

This is the National Park Service’s site for kids of all ages. Activities are presented for three age groups (6+, 10+, 13+) in categories Adventure, Exploration and Discovery. Challenges, puzzles, games and activities designed to educte children about nature and stewardship.

Webcam Knysna Heads

Webcam, Knysna, The South African Garden Route.

Webcam Monkeyland, Plettenberg Bay

Monkeyland's webcam is stationed at the sanctuary's 128m suspension bridge. Our camera is currently off line and we are looking for a sponsor - if you are interested please give us an call +27 (0)829795683 / +27(0)823533643 or email Lara or Tony

Webcam Plettenberg Bay

Beacon Island Estate webcam (Webcam Plettenberg Bay)

Websters Online Dictionary

A super cool and super handy multi lingual dictionary

Weddings In The Garden Route

Have you ever dreamt of getting married at the beach with beautiful surrounding scenery and different types of landscapes in the background? Then you’re right – here in South Africa.  We’d like to assist you with your dream wedding and your honeymoon, here in this incredible place. Magnificent places are plenty, like sand on the beach.
Be surprised and enchanted. Look forward to the most exciting day of your life, spent at one of the most awspiring places in the world.

Wendy House Factory

Tailormade Wendy Houses in all shapes and sizes

West Coast Community Foundation (wcff)

In the 1990s the Goedgedacht Trust, working in the West Coast since 1992, identified a need for a local organisation that could play a role in the West Coast region by supporting the myriad local initiatives at grassroots level that aimed to improve the quality of life of vulnerable members of the community.

Through a consultative process the community foundation model was presented to over fifty community organisations in 1999 and they gave Goedgedacht a mandate to proceed with the establishment of the community foundation.

West Coast Community Foundation was incubated by Goedgedacht with management   board members acting as volunteers, and was   registered as a non profit organisation in 2001. Now, 7 years later, the Foundation is firmly established and performing the activities for which it was set up.
The WCCF gives grants to local good causes that make a real difference to the lives of the most vulnerable sectors of our community. This is made possible by our generous donors who enabled the Foundation to start the grant making programme in 2005 and   to continue to build up our training programmes which strengthen and empower local community organisations in their work.

The Foundation has developed the appropriate expertise that enables us also to be a partner to individuals and organisations that are able   to commit resources   to community development and charitable cause in the West Coast in a way that guarantees results.

A major thrust of the Foundation's work is to promote philanthropy and local support for community development initiatives in the West Coast region. 
Community foundations are local organisations dedicated to strengthening local communities in the geographic areas in which they operate, in order to   make a   difference to the lives of local people especially vulnerable people. Community foundations   manage funds donated by individuals and organisations, by investing funds in order to achieve capital growth   and by acting as the vital link between donors and local needs, connecting people with causes, thus enabling donor partners   to achieve far more than they could ever if working in isolation.

Community foundations are independent and respond to genuine need. Community Foundations   provide expert advice and possess thorough local knowledge. By combining these resources the Foundation tries to ensure that   giving makes a lasting impact in the area that the community   cares   about most.

Community foundations are a growing phenomenon throughout the world. West Coast Community Foundation is a member of the South African Community Foundations (SACOFA) which has 6 members to date. They operate in the Western Cape, Kwazulu-Natal and the Northwest.

Western Cape Birding Club

Bird-watching tourism (tourism aimed at experiencing birds in their natural habitat) is internationally regarded as the fastest growing ecotourism segment. The Western Cape province of South Africa is internationally renowned as a tourist destination – think of the Cape Floral Kingdom, spectacular land- and seascapes, acclaimed wines, whale watching, diversified peoples, the list just goes on. One of the province's great secrets is being marketed through this website

Wet Nose

Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre is a registered "right to life" organisation that is involved in the rehabilitation of abandoned, neglected and abused animals.

Animals in our care are not put to sleep, they stay with us until they can get a new home. Should an animal be in such a bad state that it cannot be rehabilitated or in severe pain and suffering then our vet will humanely put the animal to sleep.

Once rehabilitated these animals are available for adoption into new loving homes. We give dogs, cats and horses a safe refuge until we've found them a loving new home or reunited them with their worried owners.

Many of the animals at Wet Nose have been hurt by their experiences, so we often have to spend time helping them overcome problems they've developed as a result of abuse.

Our vets treat animals against disease and treat any problems at the veterinary clinic; kennel hands provide everything from hearty meals to cuddles; and volunteers take our dogs for long walks.

We also offer to rehome your pet should you be unable to accommodate it any more. We offer a support group service for owners in distress relating to pet issues.We also assist by advising on animal behavioural problems.

Tracy Forte founded Wet Nose in April 1999. She started with a dream - to ensure that healthy animals get a second chance in life, and making sure that they receive love and care whilst waiting for their Silver Lining.

Wet Nose is run by a Board of Directors, a committee and is audited annually.

Wet Nose started rescuing animals from Zimbabwe in June 2000. Thousands of animals have been rehomed or reunited back with their families, some as far as Australia and the United Kingdom.
There are many happy stories of rescued animals at the Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre.

What Bird?

Identify birds in North America for bird watching or as a bird guide. Search engine for identifying birds. For birders and identification of wild birds.

Who Is The Monkey?

Great sports website with selected video clips

Wild Animal Info

Online info about birds (Aves)

Wildebraam Liqueurs

Come and join us on our berry estate where you will be warmly welcomed in our stunning valley just outside Swellendam, and overwhelmed by our gastronomic delights!!

Our private cellar produces a range of delicious liqueurs including Youngberry, Honey, Aniseed, Rooibos, Peppermint, Lemon and Hazelnut. In addition , the farm kitchen produces a tempting array of liqueured fruits, jams, dessert syrups, chutneys, relishes, pickles and gifts which can all be sampled and purchased in the infamous “tasting room”.

It is so beautiful here you will be sorely tempted to pick your own berries in season and then relax with your picnic baskets just absorbing the countryside serenity.

Wildlife And Nature Lessons

Wildlife and Nature Lesson Plans and Resources for Educators.

Wildlife Contraception Center

Contraception: an essential tool in wildlife conservation

It's easy to understand the importance of breeding programs designed to conserve endangered and threatened species. By maintaining captive animal populations, zoos and aquariums are able to conduct vital research and pave the way to possible reintroduction of species into the wild.

But the need for contraceptive practices at zoos and aquariums may at first seem surprising or counter-intuitive. In fact, healthy captive animal populations require careful reproductive management to maintain genetic diversity and prevent inbreeding.

Contraception helps scientists facilitate controlled pairings--a kind of high-tech matchmaking--while still allowing individuals to live in natural social and family groups. What's more, the contraceptive research carried out in zoos and aquariums is directly applicable to the management of wild populations in parks and reserves around the world.

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