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Soccer 2010 Is Over...

World Cup in South Africa concludes as a success, ends with 1-0 Spain victory over the Netherlands   by Filip Bondy

Charlize Returns To Sa For The Soccer Games

Charlize is not just a pretty face     July 11, 2010 By MASOOD BOOMGAARD Academy Award-winning actress Charlize Theron may have been in Hollywood glam mode while attending World Cup matches around the country this week, but on screen the Benoni-born beauty has shown that that she knows how to do gritty, too.

Congratulations Are In Order For Prince Albert Of Monaco!

24 June 2010 The long-single 52-year-old son of actress Grace Kelly and Prince Rainer III has popped the question to his South African girlfriend of more than five years – former Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock.

Mansions, Writes Simpiwe Piliso

Jun 27, 2010 12:29 AM | By Simpiwe Piliso   Estate agents are banking on the World Cup to sell luxury homes to international celebrities and wealthy jet-setters, adding to the growing Hollywood A-list members who have already bought homes in SA.

Paris Is Back In Sa

Heiress and socialite Paris Hilton has landed in South Africa (3 June 2010)   The 29-year-old wannabe actress, who left Los Angeles on a private jet on Wednesday, has been keeping her fans updated on Twitter about her journey to the country for the World Cup.

The Sights And Scents

The Garden Route is a ten day vacation ride on a guided tour safari, stopping at lazy beaches, seaside resorts and tiny seaside villages encircled with wild flowers in all the colours of the rainbow.

Let’s Hear It For These Wags!

First the clichés: They have all been trained as beauticians and ‘modelled a little on the side’. They all drive BMW 3 Series convertibles and collect expensive handbags.

Rebecca Murry Interviews Dicaprio

Blood Diamond was directed by Edward Zwick and stars DiCaprio as an ex-mercenary who now makes his living trading diamonds for arms.

Leo And Paris Party In Sa

Leonardo DiCaprio and Paris Hilton hang out in South Africa

Businessday News

Trade guru is bringing Africa back HOT on the heels of the world’s largest sporting event being held in SA comes the biggest offering of international business opportunities yet assembled on the continent.

Kinda Like Houdini

Monkeys use trees to catapault themselves out of Japanese laboratory   Monkeys at a research institute in Japan have used the branches of trees to catapault themselves over an electric fence in order to escape.

Fat Monkeys

Some male monkeys put on extra weight when their mates are pregnant, a new study reveals.  

Ringtail Lemur Babies

The birth of our first ringtailed lemur baby of the season, a couple of weeks ago, reminds us that it is that time of the year again, where our beautiful Monkeyland forest starts filling up with newborns of every species.

Orangutan Females Steal Food To Test Mates

Gentlemen, when a lady friend asks, May I have a bite of that? the proper answer is always, But of course, dear. Just ask the orangutan. Orangutan females test potential mates by snatching food from the males to see how they'll react, according to a new study.

Patas Monkey

Erythrocebus patas

Culling For Protein And Souveniours

North Africa’s Muslim have a tradition that forbids the eating of monkey meat, so few of the older more traditional Muslims eat it.

Baboons And Humans Vs Malaria

Evolutionarily speaking, baboons may be our more distant cousins among primates. But when it comes to our experiences with malaria over the course of time, it seems the stories of our two species have followed very similar plots.

Prostitution At Monkeyland!

If anyone says that they don't stop in their tracks when they see animals mating (out of sheer curiosity, of course), they are probably lying.

Babies In The Forest

With the spring and the summer, it is the baby season again in Monkeyland. Indeed, in the wild, most species have a birth season, and the babies are born at the most favourable time for the feeding mother: when food is most abundant.

Chimpanzee Extinction Warning

Study predicts chimpanzee extinction sooner than thought!!