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The Bare-faed Go-away Bird

Corythaixoides personatus

The Ashy Starling

Cosmopsarus unicolor

About Woodpeckers

Evolution can't explain the woodpecker! It has too many tools that it could not have gotten gradually or one at a time.

Why Do Birds Mimic Other Species Song?

Author - Malika Harricharan All birds have their own song and no bird would try to imitate or copy another bird, right? Wrong? Some species actually mimic the calls of other species to signal danger. Other birds simply do it to attract a mate.

The Canary

The Canary is so-called from the islands from which it was apparently first brought.  Linnaeus classified the canary as the Fringilla canaria.  Later 19th century naturalists classified this bird as Serinus canarius.  Now in modern 21st Century times the Canary is the Canaria species within the Serinus genus in the Fringillidae (Finch) family.

The Emporer Penguin: Starvin For Love

Emperor Penguins, the subject of the popular 2005 documentary March of the Penguins, have a strange “marriage”.

The Garden Snail

Snails’ genitals are on their necks, right behind their eye-stalks. Not weird enough? Read on.

The Roadrunner Bird

So called from the chaparral or dwarf forest which it frequents, the Chapparal Cock was the name commonly given by English-speaking settlers in the south-western districts of North America to a curious form of Cuckoo, forming the genus Geococcyx,within which there are two species. 

Booby Birds

The name Booby was said by Professor Skeat in his 19th Century Etymological Dictionary to be derived from the Spanish or Portuguese bobo - a fool, and that from the Latin balbus-stuttering or inarticulate, a name applied, most likely by seamen originally, to certain birds from their stupidity in alighting upon ships and allowing themselves to be easily taken by the hand. 

Tourists In Antarctica Cause Of Major Concern

ScienceDaily (Dec. 26, 2009) — The 40,000 'eco-tourists' who visit the South Pole every year cause enormous greenhouse gas emissions. The visitors to the snow-covered landmass are endangering not just the Antarctic region by their actions, but also the rest of the world. Dutch researcher Machiel Lamers has investigated the impacts of increased tourism on Antarctica and how this impact could be curbed.

Holidaymakers May Be Putting Dolphins At Risk

ScienceDaily (Mar. 17, 2010) — Tourists wanting to watch and swim with dolphins are now being urged to keep their distance in a bid to protect both the animals and the local communities whose livelihoods depend on them.

Does Slum Tourism Make Us Better People?

ScienceDaily (Jan. 30, 2010) — Slum tourism is a growth industry with more and more wealthy travellers opting to visit the poorest parts of the world. What is it that is prompting slum tourism? Is it a new trend? What impact does slum tourism have on the people who opt for this kind of 'holiday'? Do they become better people as a result and does the experience prompt a call to action for social change?

The Ethical Dilemmas Of Medical Tourism

ScienceDaily (Oct. 8, 2009) — Medical tourism in Latin America needs to be regulated to protect consumers, according to Université de Montréal researchers. A new study published in the journal Developing World Bioethics argues that Argentinean fertility clinics are increasingly marketing themselves to international health care consumers: these clinics offer all-inclusive packages with fixed prices that feature airfare, accommodations, transfers, language interpreters and, of ...

Novel Carbon-trading Scheme

ScienceDaily (Dec. 5, 2009) — A new strategy for saving tropical forest species was published in the journal Science on the eve of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Copenhagen, Denmark, by a team of researchers, including William Laurance, senior staff scientist at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and distinguished professor at James Cook University.

Biodiversity Hot Spots Are Vulnerable

ScienceDaily (June 7, 2010) — Global warming may present a threat to animal and plant life even in biodiversity hot spots once thought less likely to suffer from climate change, according to a new study from Rice University.

Animal Right Protesters Arrested

Group says it will try to convince university to end some research By Angela Webber   Five animal rights activists were arrested Monday morning during a protest blocking the road to the Oregon Health and Science University’s National Primate Research Center in Beaverton.

Andy Serkis Plays Main Monkey

Whenever a CGI creature is one of the central characters in a film there’s only man capable of bringing them to life — Andy Serkis!

Secrets Of Mummies Unraveled In California

By Romain Raynaldy (AFP) – 5 hours ago   LOS ANGELES — From an ornate Egyptian sarcophagus to the striking preserved remains of a howler monkey wearing a feathered skirt, a new exhibition in Los Angeles is unraveling the mysteries of mummies.

Written By Jackie During - Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Although I know many "hard-core" birders do not visit bird sanctuaries, after visiting this sanctuary I can only say it is a must! Bearing in mind that these birds can never be released into the wild, this must be absolute heaven for what were once caged birds!

A Bird's Brain And Nerves

Like all animals birds need a control centre and a set of communication channels to ensure that there system runs smoothly. As in most more complicated animals this is usually called a brain and a nervous system.