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Mission To Mars

Campaign starts to stop European Space Agency and Russian lab to experiment on primates for Mars 500 space programme   The European Space Agency (ESA) is partnering with the Moscow Institute for Biomedical Problems (IBMP) in a project called Mars 500 which ultimately aims at sending humans to Mars. Unfortunately this ambitious space exploration adventure will harm and probably take the lives of many monkeys before its completion.

Nasa Engineer Resigns Over Planned Primate Testing

NASA aerospace engineer April Evans has resigned her position as a space architect on the International Space Station (ISS) program as a result of NASA’s decision to conduct primate irradiation testing after 30 years of non-usage, a decision Evans believes is a major step backward for NASA’s animal testing record.

Sat Appoints Oz Country Manager To Netherlands

South African Tourism has announced that Bangu Masisi, General  Manager: Australasia has been appointed as the Country Manager: Netherlands as well as managing Belgium as a watch- list market from September 1, taking over from the foundation built by Annemarie Ferns.

World Cup Spend Boosts Sa Economy

The South African economy has seen an initial boost in visitor spending related to the 2010 FIFA World Cup, according to new cardholder spending data from Visa Inc.

Overseas Arrivals Jump Over 11% For March

Overseas arrivals have shown positive growth of 11,4% for March 2010 reveal the latest statistics released by Stats SA.

France's Visit Has Created Long-term Benefits For Knysna

The French may have left under a cloud of criticism but the legacy of their visit will last a long time, according to CEO of Knysna Tourism, Shaun van Eck.

Avis Gets Even Greener

Avis has become one of South Africa's greenest companies, with its vehicle preparation facility at Cape Town International Airport achieving 'water neutral' status.

A Call For Greater Co-ordination In Product Development

The development of new tourism product in South Africa is currently being driven by the private sector, with few, largely unsuccessful and uncoordinated efforts made by national, provincial and local government.

Elvis Is Alive And Kicking!

My name is Elvis (I am not kidding!) All the capuchin monkeys living at Monkeyland are known by the monkey-people as tufted capuchins. We derived our name from the distinctive tufts of dark hair on the tops of our heads. Just like humans we all look and ARE different from each other.

Visa Reports Us6m Spend For First Half Of World Cup

The South African economy has seen a boost in foreign visitor spending during the lead-up to and during the group stage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup according to new cardholder spending data from Visa Inc.

Is A Broader Tourism Grading Scheme On The Cards?

South Africa's current quality assurance programme, administered by the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa (TGCSA) is primarily aimed at accommodation and conference facilities but, according to the draft tourism strategy, should be expanded to include other elements.

Close Social Ties Make Baboons Better Mothers

ScienceDaily (June 11, 2009) — Baboons whose mothers have strong relationships with other females are much more likely to survive to adulthood than baboons reared by less social mothers, according to a new study by researchers at UCLA, the University of Pennsylvania and other institutions.  

South Africa: A Top Film Destination

South Africa, and especially the Western Cape, has become a hotspot for international films and documentaries, with producers from Hollywood to Bollywood taking advantage of the natural beauty of the country and its skilled and capable local film industry.

South Africa - Did You Know?

There are so many things you don't know about South Africa. Did you know that ....

Ape Gestures: Clues To Human Communication

ScienceDaily (May 1, 2007) — Researchers at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center, Emory University, have found bonobos and chimpanzees use manual gestures of their hands, feet and limbs more flexibly than they do facial expressions and vocalizations, further supporting the evolution of human language began with gestures as the gestural origin hypothesis of language suggests.

Eye Watch Blog

Many LOCALS RATE this region of the Western Cape and Eastern Cape as one of the prettiest in the South Africa.

Tavbuddy Blog

Monkey Land and Birds of Eden are wonderful parks to visit. You find them just east from Plettenberg bay and situated in some nice parts of the forest.

30 October, 2009 Blog

Our family simply love it, travel in South Africa is easy for us, we live here. From our base in East London, in the Eastern Cape, we have a short hop through Port Alfred and on to Port Elizabeth. The start (or end) of the Garden Route, it depends which way you're coming from. For this travel article we'll take you from Cape Town toward Port Elizabeth and try and give new visitors to the area an insight into this beautiful part of South Africa.

No More Monkey Business

Nearly half of all primate species are threatened with extinction, according to an evaluation by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

We Don't Approve!

This is an article we recently located on the web & we DON'T APPROVE.   Why must this poor monkey be sent to Mars!?