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Strong Southern African Presence For Itb Asia

Now in its fifth year, ITB Asia, taking place from October 17-19 at Marina Bay Sands Hotel, is expected to see a strong presence from emerging markets such as Southern Africa and South America, which have the largest growing presence at the event.

The Black Howler Monkey

Alouatta caraya

Birds As Pets

Pet birds are usually locked in a cage, and often they have no company of their own kind. This kills their spirit first then their immune system begins to break down leaving their bodies open to diseases, feather plucking and worst of all dying from loneliness. Often pet birds are fed an incorrect diet. Prevent this by emailing our curator at Birds of Eden, and ask her to suggest an correct diet for your pet bird.

Strange English Language Facts

He could lead if he would get the lead out. A farm can produce produce. The dump was so full it had to refuse refuse. The soldier decided to desert in the desert.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Victory! As a result of PETA's campaign, the Army announced that it is ending its cruel use of monkeys in chemical attack training exercises and will instead use advanced human simulators!   On Monday, dozens of PETA members greeted the 32,000 attendees—who included Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Army Chief of Staff Ray Odierno—of the annual meeting of the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) in Washington, D.C. The protesters were there to urge the Army to stop...

Performing Street Monkeys - Shame On Us Humans For Allowing Such Abuse

Ucil, pictured above, is a trained monkey, takes part in a street performance in Jakarta, Indonesia. Macaque monkeys who are trained for street performances, known as “topeng monyet”, are chained to a cage in “monkey village”, where the animals are trained to take part in street performances.

Vietnamese Soldiers Held Over Deaths Of Rare Monkeys

Vietnamese authorities have detained three soldiers suspected of torturing and killing two rare monkeys, state-run Voice of Vietnam newspaper reports. One of the men had posted photos on Facebook showing how the monkeys were killed, triggering a public outcry. The monkeys were endangered grey-shanked douc langurs (Pygathrix cinerea), reports say.

Extinct Dodo Related To Pigeons, Dna Shows

Source: Hillary Mayell for National Geographic News Scientists have determined, through DNA analysis, that the long-extinct dodo belongs in the dove and pigeon family. The dodo, poster bird for species extinction, has a pitiful reputation as a stupendously overweight idiot of a bird that couldn't even fly. But scientific evidence is slowly correcting that impression. Its new rep: an evolutionary success, perfectly adapted to its living conditions, thin and relatively fast, but still an early...

Dodo's Dna Points The Finger At Nicobar Pigeon

A mummified dodo which inspired a character in Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland has provided the DNA to solve an old mystery about the extinct bird. An analysis of genetic samples from the preserved dodo, housed in Oxford University Museum of Natural History, shows that the bird's closest surviving relative is the Nicobar pigeon, a small creature with greenish yellow plumage and a mane of spiky black feathers.

Primate Keeper – Johannesburg Zoo

A motivated, enthusiastic team player is required to fill a 6 month position of Primate Keeper in the Animal Department at the Johannesburg Zoo.

Worst For Wildlife: Vietnam

Sourced from New WWF report ranks China second, Laos third.

Tax Matters

Relocating to Plett from foreign shores. THE majority of local residents who have relocated to Plettenberg Bay over the years came from somewhere else in South Africa. In the past, many of these were retirees but in more recent times this has changed, with many more economically active younger people arriving from all corners of the country.

Scheduled Flights For Plett, Knysna Before Year-end

PLETTENBERG Bay was buoyed earlier this month by news of significant progress towards the restoration of the town’s long neglected airport, which will give a major shot in the arm to the lifeblood tourism industry and create hundreds of jobs. Bitou council has named Indiza Airport Management as the preferred bidder for a 49-year lease to manage and upgrade the airfield, which has been renamed the Plettenberg Bay/Knysna Airport in recognition of the service it can render to particularly th...

Name Change For Cape Town Hotel

Protea Hotel Vineyards Estate in the Tyger Valley area in Cape Town’s northern suburbs, has changed its name to Protea Hotel Durbanville.

How To Eat Like A Chimpanzee

Part of an interesting blog written by Rob Dunn August 2, 2012.  Click here to view the original copy.

New Team For Baboon Management

July 31 2012 / By Zara Nicholson for The new contractor for the controversy-ridden task of baboon management on the Cape Peninsula is due to take over tomorrow. The Hout Bay-based company, Human Wildlife Solutions, headed by Dr Philip Richardson, a specialist in behavioural ecology, was notified at the end of June that it had been awarded the R10 million, two-year contract.

Some Animals Look Alike, But Do They Speak The Same Language?

Interesting article written by Brian Palmer for the Miami Herald. Read the original story here.

An Ape-y Ending

Reported by The Daily Mail. Gorilla families missing for three months found alive after warring factions let rangers into Congo forest. A civil war is raging in the Democratic Republic of Congo but both sides have agreed on one point - by allowing rangers in a national park to search for some missing gorillas.   Around 20 rangers and 15 local trackers began a search on Tuesday for the missing mountain gorilla families in Virunga National Park. And four of the seven ape groups have been...

Classic Lateral Thinking Exercises

Test yourself with these thinking excercises. The solutions are at the bottom of the page. Don't be lazy. Try hard to figure these out before you look! It'll be a lot more satisfying.