3d-printing Photo Booth Makes You Into An Action Figure

23rd November 2012

Posers must stand in position for around 15 minutes as the manually operated scanner records a full-body image. The raw data can then be modified and tweaked to achieve a better likeness and fine detail can be added before the 3-D color print is made.
The service offers single, double or group portraits in a variety of sizes, the largest being up to 8 inches. If you’re a fan of the results — or looking to build a miniature army — you can also order reprints of yourself and others.
However, sitters hoping for a three-dimensional rendition of their more outlandish poses and complicated ensembles should note that the limitations of the scanning and printing technologies mean there isn’t much room for experimentation with your figurine portraits yet.
Shiny jewelry and accessories are ruled out, as are stiletto heels, hoop earrings, anything with a mesh, fluffy sweaters, chiffon, trekking boots, stripes, glasses and bags. Customers are also discouraged from pulling adventurous or particularly dynamic poses on account of needing to remain stationary for 15 minutes.

Prices start at R2120 for a small single figurine.

Sourced from Wired.com