All About Flamingoes

1st January 2013

Flamingos have webbed feet, very long legs, and a beak bent down as if broken.

The name “flamingo” was derived from a Spanish and Latin word “flamenco”, meaning “fire”

There are 6 speciesof flamingo.

A flamingo’s eye is larger than its brain!

Chicks are born with gray feathers.

Weight: 1.4-4 kg

Length: 3.3-4.6 feet

Habitat: Lakes, lagoons and swamps

Lifespan: 20-30 years

Diet: Flamingo are omnivores eating algae, insects and small fish

The legs of a flamingo are longer than its body.

Flamingos sit by extending their legs backwards.

Flamingos are highly sociable birds and live in colonies together which protect them from predators

The collective name for a group is a Stand or Flamboyance.