Appeal To The Eu To End Cruel Cosmetics Animal Tests

29th November 2012
Chrissie Hynde in her appeal to the EU commission stated: "It is shameful that animals continue to endure painful tests for beauty products and toiletries sold in the EU. I'm supporting the ECEAE in its campaign to rid Europe of animal tested cosmetics once and for all. I appeal to the EU Commission to ensure the full marketing ban is implemented in March 2013. I urge the people of Europe to join me by signing the petition to say No to Cruel Cosmetics in Europe!"
The petition has been signed by other celebrities, including Sir Paul McCartney and Morrissey, politicians, cosmetic companies and citizens of Europe and Croatia as well.
The ECEAE has led their campaign across Europe in an effort to end the use of animals in beauty product testing. It was successful in achieving an EU ban on using animals to test cosmetics and toiletries. However, cosmetic companies are still allowed to sell products within the EU that have been tested on animals in other parts of the world. An import and sales ban on animal tested products in the EU is due to come into effect in 2013. However, it is now widely anticipated that there may be exemptions to the ban which will allow animals to continue to suffer and die during cruel cosmetics tests for beauty products sold in the EU.
Animal Friends thanks all the citizens who supported the campaign to end the sale of animal tested cosmetics with their signatures.
The petition can still be found at . Also available on the website is the White List of companies which do not test their products on animals, first among them being companies that met the Humane Cosmetics Standard (HCS).