Birds As Pets

1st November 2010

If you find your life has changed and you can no longer care for your birds "Please" send them to us here at Birds of Eden so that we can care for them.  Things happen in our lives that we have no control over and finding a new home for your bird is not a bad thing.....not finding a home and not looking after your bird properly, or simply passing it on to any other willing home, is however a bad thing.

Please take to contact our curator so that she can assit with your birds future. 

Buying captive bred birds

If you HAVE to have an pet bird you should always make sure that it is a captive bred bird. They make much better pets and are not put through abusive torture, Wild caught birds go through such horrendous abuse that most of them die enroute to their destination.

Wild caught birds are hunted and trapped in their natural wild homes. The hunters apply a glue like substance "bird lime" to the limbs of trees. When birds land they were unable to move. They are then plucked from the branches, and sometimes loose a toe or two in the process.

In other cases the hunters kill the bird parents before going directly to the nest to steal the babies. In other cases the entire tree is cut down to get to the birds they are after.

Annually thousands of birds are illegally and legally shipped in the overcrowded crates with only a small amount of food and water. 90% of the time there is not enough food and water to last the entire trip. Only a small percentage of these birds ever survive the transport. .

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