Design And Culture In Cape Town, South Africa

12th November 2012

Cape Town’s year-long World Design Capital program will include a good balance of events aimed at attracting international audiences and attention, as well as locally-focused events aimed at promoting design thinking and an understanding of design as a problem-solving tool among locals.

The content of the World Design Capital 2014 program of events will be informed by projects of the past, present, and future. These events will include a mix of exhibitions, conferences, festivals, workshops, networking opportunities, and celebrations. The international program will also include a number of World Design Capital 2014 Signature Events, in partnership with ICSID.

Excitement is mounting in Cape Town as all energy is focused on how design is shaping the future and changing lives – and Cape Town promises to be an inspiring visit for creatives, innovators, and urban explorers in the years to come.

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