Eco Atlas - Support Those Who Walk The Talk

2nd June 2013
A progressive new concept in conscious consumerism, Eco Atlas is an online guide aimed at giving consumers an insight into what goes on behind the scenes at hospitality establishments, thus empowering to choose which practices they wish to support.

This is the first of its kind in South Africa in that it provides consumers with both the socially and environmentally ethical achievements of places and services, highlighting businesses that are making a difference to society by their approach to business.

There are twenty simple symbols, called Eco Choices, enabling the consumer to see at a glance which places are recycling, serving sustainable fish or empowering their staff. The unique search function will also enable visitors to the site to source locally produced and earth-friendly products.

Any business that meets at least one of the Eco Choice criteria may be listed. Accommodation, restaurants, outdoor activities, goods providers and schools are featured on the website with a write-up, photos, Google maps and the opportunity for visitors to review them.

"There are so many people and places creating positive change and walking the ethical talk and Eco Atlas provides you with the map to find them," said Berning.

She explained that the current emphasis is on building a reliable database, and as such listings are free.

Visit for more information.