Formal Fsc Complaint

2nd May 2011

One way to put pressure on the industry effectively will be to lodge a formal comlaint to FSC. Many of the plantations in which baboons have been 'removed' are FSC-certified although this lethal method of solving the baboon-issue does not agree with a number of FSC criteria and principles.

That is why GeaSphere compiled a formal complaint, containing the specification of the complaint, supportive evidence and a list of FSC criteria and principles which should prevent such actions.
Certification bodies such as FSC should be aware of such practices and should use their influential position to take immediate and efficient action, e.g. by demanding a moratorium to the killing of baboons.

We believe that a collective complaint that includes as many affected and interested parties/NGOs as possible will be much more effective and will be dealt with more seriously and carefully by FSC.

Hence, we ask you to please read through the attached documents and give your support in any possible way. You can add value to the document by changing and/or adding things to and furthermore you can write a short letter on official letterhead of your organisation to say that you endorse and support the formal complaint and, as supportive evidence to the issue, that you can confirm the killing of baboons by the timber industry as it has taken place in the past and as it is still practiced nowadays.

We would like to submit the formal complaint as soon as possible, hopefully before the end of the year to FSC.

Every bit helps and thank you very much in advance.

Kind regards and a great festive season,

Tim Strupat (GeaSphere Volunteer)

For more information contact:

Philip Owen (GeaSphere Chairperson):  0027730980867
December Ndlovu (Community Coordinator): 0027827007137
Tim Strupat (GeaSphere Volunteer):  0027825167613

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