Iglta Workshop To Be Held Next Month

29th August 2012


South African Ambassador to the IGLTA, David Ryan, will be speaking about the IGLTA, feedback from the past annual convention and the ongoing importance of the association. Rudi Wagenaar will then be speaking about the IGLTA itself and the numerous benefits associated with membership and how best to optimise your membership and enhance your presence within the IGLTA distribution network.


Non-members will be able to ask questions and interact with existing members.
For further information or to reserve your space at the event, contact Rudi Wagenaar via Email:
rudi@inspirationalplaces.com  or Tel: +27 (21) 671 2825

You are also welcome to copy the below link and register online: http://www.facebook.com/igltasouthafrica/events or contact Rudi on mobile 0824167278