Invitation To Become Part Of The Chainstay Network

30th November 2012

Why Mountain Biking? The mountain biking industry in South Africa is well set for rapid growth and development. Breaking away on a mountain biking adventure with friends or family has become a lifestyle choice for many.

Although market statistics on the industry are hard to come by and not regularly available, the growth in people embracing the sport is evident. There are over 500,000 active mountain biking cyclists in South Africa. More adults are participating in mountain biking than in golf. It is therefore regarded as the ‘new golf’.

The sale of mountain bikes is now outperforming road bike sales by a ratio of 4:11. The rise in mountain biking is largely attributed to the strong experiential nature or the sport and the diversity of trail experiences.

What services will Chainstay offer? Chainstay will offer a marketing platform backed by a well established and reputable tour operator using their tried and tested booking portal for bookings at Chainstay accredited accommodation destinations.

Chainstay will draw mountain bikers to its site via a range of mountain biking specific services, attractions and benefits. To a mountain biker, the starting point is the trail…where can I find the best, new, challenging or simply family-oriented trails? Trails will be showcased and linked to Chainstay accredited accommodation.

Chainstay will have a strong social media presence. Mountain bikers are extremely ‘community-oriented’ and the opportunity of sharing experiences, uploading photos, showcasing new trails and simply ‘in the moment’ sharing will be facilitated even via smart phone uploading.

Why do I need to become part of the Chainstay network? First-movers have the most to gain in an industry that is set to outmuscle most others over the next decade or so.

  The Chainstay national marketing resource will promote you directly to the mountain biking fraternity.
  It will give you added exposure and visibility.
  It will promote consistency of expectation and experience of mountain biking services at accredited destinations thereby giving you a new marketing angle.
  Celebrate and feature bio-diversity offered by your destination – the development of new trails would bring more feet through towns and communities.
  Opportunity to tap into the lifestyle angle - family and outdoor.

What is required of a Chainstay accredited site? Given the lack of existing mountain biking specific facilities, infrastructure and services at destinations countrywide, a tiered structure will be introduced. Destinations can check their current level of readiness against any tier and decide which one it wishes to join. Investment at the first level (first tier) is minimal and most destinations would already be able to offer one or both of the selected services at this first level. Minimum services per tier to be provided by accredited Chainstay destinations:

Tier 1  High-pressure bike cleaning
 Secure facility for storage of bikes (and possibly bike racks)
 Information about on-site or local trails

Tier 2   Same services as for Tier 1
  Bike mechanical support (via trained local worker)
  Selection of bike parts and components
  Close proximity to family and child-friendly trails
  Overnight cleaning of mountain bike clothing
  On-site availability of energy and sports supplements preferred by mountain bikers

Tier 3   Same services as for Tier 2
  On-site bike rental facility

As Chainstay evolves, services will be added in consultation with accredited destinations.

What will it cost to join the network? No membership or annual fees are payable by accredited destinations.
You may have to invest into some mountain biking infrastructure as indicated in the tier system. The only other cost to the destination will be the cost of the signage from Chainstay.

The way forward? Should you be interested in joining us on this project, you can complete the form below and e-mail it to Boitumelo - - who will then contact you in order to initialise the accreditation process.