Locally-brewed Eco Atlas

2nd June 2013
Twenty simple eco-symbols, called Eco Choices, make it easy to see at a glance which establishments are recycling, serve sustainable fish or empower their staff, allowing you to eco-sensibly decide which places, products and services to support, while a unique search function facilitates your sourcing of locally-produced and earth-friendly products.

Eco Atlas is the first of its kind in this country in that it provides consumers with both the socially and environmentally ethical achievements of places and services, and highlights businesses that are making a difference.

Any business can be listed as long as they meet at least one of the Eco Choice criteria - the website features accommodation, restaurants, outdoor activities, goods providers and schools, to mention a few.

Featured places benefit from a write-up, photos, Google maps and the ability for visitors’ reviews. A great many people and places create positive change and walk the ethical talk, and Eco Atlas provides the map to pinpoint them.

Over 50 listings from Stormsriver to Cape Town already feature on the site, and some of the Garden Route pioneers include Ingwe Forest Adventures, Le Fournil, Hola Café, Sassui Skin Care, The Midweek Market, Monkeyland, Birds of Eden, Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary, The Table, Rawganic, and Treehaven Lodge.

Says Eco Atlas founder Rhian Berning: “The emphasis at present is on building a reliable database, so there is no charge for being showcased on the website. If you want to change the world, start with your wallet and change the places you visit and support.

“We so often underestimate our power as consumers, but we are in fact extremely powerful.”

A 2012 study done by TripAdvisor stated that 71% of those surveyed would make environmentally friendly choices this year.

But people need information to make those choices, so why not let Eco Atlas point you in the ethical direction?

Look out for the Eco Atlas sticker at the door of the next venue you visit, as it will list all the Eco Choices they make. And if they don’t sport an Eco Atlas sticker, feel free to ask them why. Visit www.ecoatlas.co.za for more information.