Monkeyland, Birds Of Eden, Nov 20

6th February 2012

They had monkeys, lemurs, apes and turtles. Had a really funny guide, so spent half the time laughing at his jokes

Monkeyland also has the third longest swing bridge in the world (128 meters, the longest is in Vancouver and the second longest in Ghana), crossed it. Its a funny feeling when the bridge under you starts to move around :)

Monkeys regularly jump out of the sanctuary, but come back because the food is easily available here. These monkeys were all pets earlier

Birds of Eden is spectacular, the variety of birds.

Squirrel Monkeythere and how closely one can watch them is mind boggling. We even managed to have one bird sit on our hands (against regulations, mind you!) thanks to Ilse's charming personality :) I have tried to name each of the birds and where they are found in the world based on the identification guide we were given

Had a fabulous time overall and got dropped off the backpackers in Plett. Thanks again guys.

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