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A Call For Greater Co-ordination In Product Development

The development of new tourism product in South Africa is currently being driven by the private sector, with few, largely unsuccessful and uncoordinated efforts made by national, provincial and local government.

Elvis Is Alive And Kicking!

My name is Elvis (I am not kidding!) All the capuchin monkeys living at Monkeyland are known by the monkey-people as tufted capuchins. We derived our name from the distinctive tufts of dark hair on the tops of our heads. Just like humans we all look and ARE different from each other.

Visa Reports Us6m Spend For First Half Of World Cup

The South African economy has seen a boost in foreign visitor spending during the lead-up to and during the group stage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup according to new cardholder spending data from Visa Inc.

Is A Broader Tourism Grading Scheme On The Cards?

South Africa's current quality assurance programme, administered by the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa (TGCSA) is primarily aimed at accommodation and conference facilities but, according to the draft tourism strategy, should be expanded to include other elements.

Close Social Ties Make Baboons Better Mothers

ScienceDaily (June 11, 2009) — Baboons whose mothers have strong relationships with other females are much more likely to survive to adulthood than baboons reared by less social mothers, according to a new study by researchers at UCLA, the University of Pennsylvania and other institutions.  

South Africa: A Top Film Destination

South Africa, and especially the Western Cape, has become a hotspot for international films and documentaries, with producers from Hollywood to Bollywood taking advantage of the natural beauty of the country and its skilled and capable local film industry.

South Africa - Did You Know?

There are so many things you don't know about South Africa. Did you know that ....

Ape Gestures: Clues To Human Communication

ScienceDaily (May 1, 2007) — Researchers at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center, Emory University, have found bonobos and chimpanzees use manual gestures of their hands, feet and limbs more flexibly than they do facial expressions and vocalizations, further supporting the evolution of human language began with gestures as the gestural origin hypothesis of language suggests.

Eye Watch Blog

Many LOCALS RATE this region of the Western Cape and Eastern Cape as one of the prettiest in the South Africa.

Tavbuddy Blog

Monkey Land and Birds of Eden are wonderful parks to visit. You find them just east from Plettenberg bay and situated in some nice parts of the forest.

30 October, 2009 Blog

Our family simply love it, travel in South Africa is easy for us, we live here. From our base in East London, in the Eastern Cape, we have a short hop through Port Alfred and on to Port Elizabeth. The start (or end) of the Garden Route, it depends which way you're coming from. For this travel article we'll take you from Cape Town toward Port Elizabeth and try and give new visitors to the area an insight into this beautiful part of South Africa.

No More Monkey Business

Nearly half of all primate species are threatened with extinction, according to an evaluation by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

We Don't Approve!

This is an article we recently located on the web & we DON'T APPROVE.   Why must this poor monkey be sent to Mars!?

Beach, Township, Primates And Birds Blog

The day dawned beautifully clear, and the daylight showed that our hotel had a magnificent setting.  The hotel lawns were expansive and well-landscaped, and the Keurboums River was visible from our room at the edge of the hotel.

Why Some Monkeys Make Better Liars

Monkeys may see, hear and speak no evil, but they sure can be naughty, according to the first study to compare the ability of monkeys to deceive others in order to get food.

Social Conformity 'not Unique To Humans'

Study at St Andrews University of capuchin monkeys finds animals will copy the behaviour of others in their community.

Monkeys Recognize Their Pals In Photo's

This is the first indication they understand what 2-D images represent, researchers say FRIDAY, Dec. 4 (HealthDay News)

Can Monkeys Mislead?

Capuchin monkeys cry "predator" to trick more senior members of their troop into fleeing the dinner table, leaving more food for themselves, according to a study published online in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Are Our Packages Going Stale?

Both European and North American tour operators are clear in their request to South African tourism businesses – ‘We want new and innovative experiences and products to sell!’.

20 November 2009 Blog

The plan was to take the bus in the evening to go to Plettenburg Bay, but met a few people at the Knysna Backpackers who were driving down to Plett after a visit to Monkeyland and Birds of Eden.