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The Truth About Water

Have you ever heard people say that "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink?" We shouldn't get mad at the horse because he won't drink; he may be smarter than we think. Horses can smell things that we can't see, and maybe he can tell that there is something in the water that is not good for him to drink.

Green Tips For Kids

It’s easy to protect the planet! These tips help save limited resources such as water, energy, and animals; prevent landfill waste; or decrease harmful gases, such as CO2, which contribute to global warming. So get green and give the tips a try. Make sure to ask your parents before trying any of these tips!

Surprise! Granny Has A Baby

October 2010: An unexpected and very welcome Surprise was born at Monkeyland’s special home this week.  We were all shaking our heads in disbelief because little Surprise is the 1st offspring born at this Special Monkey Home. 

Animals As Food

The dominant global culture of eating meat ensures that farmed animals are the most exploited animals on earth. The routine brutality of farming them for food causes more individual suffering than any other human practice and abuse and cruelty are synonymous with the meat production process. Our habit of eating animals is a powerful and tangible example of how alienated we are from the way our food is produced. In 2003 the number of land-based animals killed for food worldwide was 52.7 billion a...

Hunters Are Killers

Hunters are killers, plain and simple. Let us not mince words. Hunters try to justify their violent pastime, but whatever they say to the contrary, hunting is the premeditated, cold-blooded killing of innocent animals.

What Is Vivisection?

Vivisection literally means the 'cutting up' of living animals, but has now become more generally used as the term for all experiments on living animals.

Annual Pass To Monkeyland And/or Birds Of Eden

We are still doing our bit for locals during the economic downturn. Our offer of an “Annual Pass” to our sanctuaries, exclusively for locals has been well received over the past 2 years, and all indications are that it will remain a popular choice for as long as the effects of the global financial crunch continues to be felt.

Harry Potter Bird Breeder Jailed For Neglect

May 2009 - A falconer who supplied birds of prey for the HARRY POTTER franchise is behind bars in the U.K. after pleading guilty to neglect.

Birds In Reseach - The Truth an interesting website, well worth looking at.  Here is an extract from the site.

Helping Orphaned Birds

They're probably not really orphans. Summer is the season when the kids bring home a baby bird they found on the lawn and ask if they can keep it. The little bird is obviously helpless, and the mother bird isn't around. It's only natural to want to help it. The question is what's the best thing for the baby bird. What can we do that will give it the best possible chance of surviving?

Kids And Conservation

Why should conservation be important to kids? Well, because conservation is all about protecting and managing our natural resources and environment so that they are here for future generations (you!) to use and enjoy.

Water Quality Tips Around The House

Easy ways to conserve water. In the Bathroom The basin • Repair leaky faucets and always turn off your taps tightly so they don't drip. Even a small drip can waste tons of water. • Use an aerator and a water-flow reducer attachment. • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth or washing your hands.

Encourage Kids To Go Green

Think a child or a family can’t make a difference? Not so. Little things - like using a colorful cloth bag, or tossing potato peels and eggshells into the compost bin -can help the environment. And if your child develops good habits now, they’ll endure as he grows.

From The Desk Of Karin Saks

Dear Garden Route residents, For the last three years I have been rescuing and rehabilitating orphaned and injured vervet monkeys in our area on a farm based in The Crags. The surrounding indigenous forest which leads down to the Salt River is perfect in many ways for this work and the rescued troop formed out of orphaned babies have been free roaming in the forest interacting with predators and foraging on wild foods for at least the last two years while they undergo rehab.

Why Animals Do Not Make Good Gifts

Animals, like us, require love and proper care to flourish. Although people who give animals as gifts invariably have good intentions, it is unfair to give an animal to anyone unless you are absolutely certain that the person wants that particular animal as a companion and is willing and able to give a lifetime of proper care.

Tell The Makers Of Lipton Tea To Stop Torturing Animals

Before taking your next sip of tea, check the label on the tea box or bottle because you might discover that you are drinking a cupful of cruelty to animals. The company behind Lipton teas has been testing (and paying others to test) tea - a beverage that has been consumed for thousands of years - on animals. The tea giant has caused animals to suffer and die simply to make marketing claims about its tea products and ingredients. Not one of the experiments that the company conducted was legally ...

Tell Careerbuilder To Stop Exploiting Chimpanzees!

PETA recently learned that CareerBuilder has plans to run a new commercial featuring chimpanzees during the 2011 Super Bowl, despite hearing from thousands of concerned consumers after the company aired ad campaigns in 2005 and 2006 that portrayed chimpanzees as misbehaving office workers. PETA was shocked to learn that CareerBuilder will release a new ad exploiting chimpanzees, especially since a 2008 study published in the journal Science revealed that using this endangered species for adverti...

Companies Who Are Cruel To Animals

Many manufacturers of personal care and household items still test their products on animals, despite the growing number of alternative methods for evaluating product safety. The following list contains all such companies known and their associated brand names.

Animal Testing - Did You Know?

There is NO law that requires companies to test their personal care and household products on animals before selling them to consumers!