Peacocks Are Pretty

1st January 2013

Peacocks (male peafowl) are noted for their display of their brilliant tall plumage which attract the attention of the female during courtship.

Only a peacock (male peafowl) has a colourful train. The trains of peacocks can be arched into a beautiful fan of feathers which reach across its back and touches the ground on either side.

Peahens choose peacocks as mates according to the size, color, and quality of their trains.

Weight: 4 to 6 kg (8.75 to 13 lbs)

Body Length: 35 to 50 inches (90 to 130 cm)

Body Length with train: 5 ft (1.5 m)

Lifespan: 20 years

Diet: Peacocks are omnivores eating plants, flowers, insects and reptiles.

Peacocks fly into trees to protect themselves from predators.

Peacocks are highly sociable and require companionship.

Peacocks generally have a harem of 2 - 5 females.

The peahen is very dowdy compared to the peacock with mottled brown feathers.

The crests of peacocks differ according to the species: Indian and Green peacocks have bare patches of skin around their eyes and a crest made of feathers arranged in a fan shape. The Indian peafowl's crest looks like little dots on the end of sticks. The Congo Peafowl has vertical white elongated hair-like feathers on its crown.

Peacocks (peafowl) are forest birds that nest on the ground but roost in trees.

The collective name for a group of peahens is a Harem.

Males are called Peacocks.

Females are called Peahens.

The names given to babies are chicks.

The collective name for a group of peacocks is a party.

A family of peacocks is called a bevy.

Conservation Status of the Congo Peafowl.

The Congo Peafowl is listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as 'vulnerable'.

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