Our Sanctuary Vegetation

The Monkeyland and Birds of Eden forests are described as an Afromontane Forest. Trees in an Afromontane Forest can be up to 30 or 40 meters tall and distinct strata of emergent trees, canopy trees, shrub and herb layers are present.


Inside Monkeyland we have a reforestation program constantly running, it is for this reasons that you will find us often having a special where people can donate indigenous trees (endemic to our forests) instead of paying an entry fee. Contact Lara for information on the next event of this kind.


Worth mentioning is the fact that the Birds of Eden forest originate out of what used to be a farm dump site. Through the years Monkeyland and Birds of Eden have been working non-stop on ensuring the longevity of the forests around as well as inside our sanctuaries.


For more information on the trees and shrubs found in our forests please click on the associated links below.