Second Fair Trade Holiday Package Introduced To Dutch Market

29th August 2012

"TUI Nederland has been leading the way in sustainable tourism for nearly 15 years. We do this by selecting holidays that respect people and nature for our customers. For that reason, we have been offering various FTTSA-certified accommodations in co-operation with local partner, Abang Africa, for several years. It is therefore a logical step to also include a Fair Trade holiday package in our product range. We aim to extend this special range in the coming years,” said Elise Allart of TUI Nederland.

“By pioneering the development of Fair Trade practices in the tourism market in The Netherlands, FTTSA and TUI hope to encourage Dutch consumers to extend their ethical purchases to also include a holiday in South Africa,” said Katarina Mancama, FTTSA Marketing Manager.

“FTTSA is excited to work with such a large and influential tour operator as TUI, and hopes that this will pave the way for many Dutch tourists choosing the Fair Trade way to visit South Africa,” concluded Mancama.

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