Social Commerce: The Next Big Thing

26th November 2012

Pinterest has also become an extremely trendy avenue where people can share and like various products, etc.. This is also a great marketing tool for businesses to showcase their products to the general public. Companies are finding great benefit from Pinterest’s word-of-mouth-marketing and are using it very effectively to gain advantage over their competition.

Now with eShop you can integrate your online shop into Facebook and Pinterest and sell your products directly from each of these platforms.

According to you should give social commerce a go if;

• your target audience is using Facebook and/or Pinterest
• your online store is user-friendly
• you are selling products that have value

Social sharing of purchases, which is a feature quite unique to eShop, means that a customer who has purchased product via an eShop store, can now share their purchases with their friends on both FaceBook & Twitter, as easily as clicking “Share with my FaceBook friends / Twitter followers”.

The best thing about eShop is that it already caters for social commerce, so even if your business isn’t currently ready with an active and successful Facebook page, the technology will be waiting for you when it is. There is no need to invest in any additional e-commerce solutions, whatsoever!

"We have recently created an eShop account to sell our ladies golf and sports accessories online. I was sceptical at first, thinking it would be very difficult and time consuming to set-up an online store but it wasn’t intricate at all. The areas where I did confuse myself slightly, Nico at DiaMatrix’s support was so kind and helpful and our account was up and ready in record time. We can even sell from Facebook now, which is very exciting! Thank you DiaMatrix, we are looking forward to lots of online sales this Christmas." - Chantél Venter, Questia Golf Glamour
If you have a successful Facebook or Pinterest viewer-following, then there is no better time than the present to get your online shop up and ready. Be just in time for the Festive Season buying spree! With eShop you can create an avenue where customers can view your products and prices directly from Facebook or Pinterest. Thus tempting them to them to spend more time perusing your products, at their leisure, which also gives you a chance to catch their attention and entice them back to buy more.

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