South Africa Is Looking For Local Heroes!

26th November 2012

We all know somebody in our network that is always there for unconditional support and deployment for the community without any restraint of time and energy. The lives of so many people become more fun, beautiful, easy or meaningful because of them. So it's about time to praise these unsung heroes!

Nominate your Local Hero now!

Send your story about this Local Hero to us and include the following information:
•             Your name
•             Your relation with the nominee
•             Your e-mail address
•             Your telephone number
•             The name of the nominee
•             His/her age
•             His/her residence
•             His/her profession
•             A picture of the nominee
•             A short motivation why your candidate is a Local Hero
•             A brief description of the activities of your nominee that makes him/here a local hero
•             If your nominee represents an organisation with a website, send us the URL of this site

Please send this information to &  

We will select 3 Local Heroes to put in the spotlight. The Local hero will be visited by the Netherlands local hero for tea/coffee or lunch when they travel to South Africa.

Thanks a lot for your collaboration! 
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