South Africa Truly Is A Place Of Infinite Possibilities.

29th August 2012

From the infamous and bountiful Cape Winelands at the tip of Africa to the rugged and mysterious Wild Coast and the chilling Apartheid Museum, South Africa really has something to offer each and every tourist. A flourishing democracy born out of a controversial past, the Rainbow Nation welcomes you with open arms, and with its unrivaled beauty and ecological and cultural diversity, you may find it hard to bring yourself to leave its alluring shores. It would be simple, but also very presumptuous, to compile a comprehensive list of South Africa’s top tourist attractions, activities, regions and cities in the hope that you might start somewhere at the top of the list and work your way through it, maybe ending up halfway down by the time you go back home. This way you may leave a happy tourist thinking that you’ve experienced half of what our beautiful country of South Africa has to offer - finish and klaar. The truth is that each person is their own individual and may find their nirvana in a different corner of South Africa. I could tell you that the view from the top of Table Mountain looking down over the Cape Peninsula will be absolutely mind-blowing but nearly identical to the fellow binocular-wielding tourist next to you. For you, that view may be an insignificant experience in comparison to the way it feels to rush through the bustling streets of Soweto in a ramshackled taxi on your way to where the infamous 1976 Uprising took place. It is through a whole bunch of very different experiences that you will engage with a country that is epitomised by its beauty that runs far more than skin deep. It is only when you find your feet tapping to the same rhythm as her heart and soul that you will realise that South Africa's incredible tourism offerings on paper are but a drop in the ocean when compared to what it means to actually be South African.

 From Explore Online