The Ground Hornbill

25th June 2010

The World Wildlife Federation now lists this bird species as a critically extinct wildlife species.This bird species is facing extinction especially due to its extraordinary social structure and breeding habits.


Human invasion is causing them to die out typically because they do not move around.As their habitat gets invaded,lack of adaptation skills such as moving to another area with large trees,they simply die out.


Further they are extremely slow breeders.The female lays two eggs,one offspring survives and the other dies because these birds do not have the capacity to nurture both.


South Africa currently has a population of between 1500 to 2000 birds left of this species.Most of them are found in the Kruger National Park in the Mpumalanga Province.


The Mabula Game Reserve has a research and conservation project in place being run by Ann Turner who is the founder and co-ordinator of this project.