The Monkey And The Turtle

18th June 2010

One day, while frolicking through the jungle, the monkey and the turtle came upon a banana tree that had fallen over. But it wasn't just 'a' banana tree, it was 'THE' banana tree. There was only one banana tree on the island and well, here it was, thanks to a Class-4 Hurricane the night before.

The turtle turned to the monkey and said, "We should share this banana tree and.."

"I have a better idea", interrupted the monkey. "Let's split the banana tree 50-50. You GET half and I get HALF!"

"Well, okay, but if we just SHARED the..."

"Nonesense, dear turtle. Here's my brilliant plan," said the monkey, "Let's divide the tree IN the middle. That way, we'll have equal portions. I'll take the half there with all the yellow things on it and you get the other half."

"Are you sure about this," asked the turtle, "So what you're saying is that you, the monkey, get the TOP half with those banana-like objects on it and I, the turtle, get the half with NO bananulas on it. The up-rooted half?!"

"Sounds like a *GreAT* plan to me!"

"Well of course it does to 'you', it's YOUR idea."

The monkey nodded appreciatively.

"Are you sure that's how you want to do this?" queried the turtle once more.

"Yes!" said the monkey, who was greedily looking at the bananas and rubbing his paws together.

"Ok then." said the turtle who then proceeded to break the fourth wall by making eye contact with the person reading this story.


"Since WE agree that it's fair, let us go ahead and divide the tree between the both of us smart and brilliant gentlemans! Fifty-fifty! Ook ook! Eep eep! You get YOUR half and I get MY half."

The monkey and the turtle divided the tree just as they'd agreed. It was real easy since banana trees naturally come apart at the middle.

The monkey took his half, along with all the ripe balloons bananas on it, and once he got home he promptly ate them all up! The next day he had a tummy ache SO bad..

[How bad was it?]

It was so bad, he never wanted to SEE or HEAR another banana again!

And that's the end of his story.


The turtle took his half to his home and replanted the roots of the tree in his yard. He cared and nurtured the tree until it became healthy again and started to bear fruit once more!

And that's how the turtle got to have all the bananas he wanted, whenever he wanted.

The End.

Moral of the story: Think about tomorrow