The Plett Rage Security Plan

12th November 2012

The Rage is by far the biggest and most significant annual festival in our town and will result in an inflow of approximately R50m into the town. The event has become increasingly well organised in recent years and I believe that most residents will agree that by and large it is a pleasure to host these young people in our town and any inconvenience that may be experienced over this short period as the young people celebrate this important milestone in their lives, is short lived and is far outweighed by the benefits to the town. As has become the custom, the organisers will urge the young people to respect the town and be considerate of the residents in the town but like all holiday makers from which we derive the bulk of our income as a town, some disruption to our lives is inevitable. In the circumstances I urge residents to be tolerant and to enjoy this time with our young people whilst we remember that we were also young once!!

This brings me to the most important aspect of this event and that is the responsibility we assume as a town in inviting these young people to come and enjoy the facilities and resources we have in such abundance in our beautiful bay. When approaching this important issue, I always ask myself what my expectations would be if my children were to be hosted in a similar manner in another own and I have no hesitation in stating that my expectation would be that the organisers and residents of the town would take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of my children and I don’t believe we should be found wanting in this regard.

In fact I would go so far as stating that the future of the event being held in Plett is largely dependent on our on-going safety record and we want to take this aspect to new levels this year and achieve an event free Rage.

To this end we are asking for as many volunteers as possible to come forward and assist us in ensuring the safety of our young visitors. This will involve a degree of patrolling and being placed in critical observation areas, mostly at night, in order to ward off any potential problems and ensure that the students adhere to laid down routes and procedures and will, no doubt, involve a measure of shepherding as the young peoples “discretion” and regard for their own safety is not always of the highest order. I must confess that I, personally, have always enjoyed these interchanges with the students who are generally a pleasure to deal with and very grateful for the assistance.
In rendering this service we also need to remember that these young people are our future tourists and if we give them a really good time and keep them safe, they will be back with their families one day.

I would really urge as many residents as possible to become involved in this very worthwhile exercise and if you are willing to assist, please send your name, address, e-mail address and contact telephone number to me at

Kind regards
Bruce Richardson
CPF Chairperson