The Sa Travel And Tourism Industry Conference

30th August 2012

The aim of hosting a joint industry conference is to facilitate industry cooperation and to reduce the proliferation of conferences within the sector. By convening one conference at the beginning of Tourism Month we aim to create a central platform where members can address industry specific issues, as well as the challenges and opportunities which impact on the entire sector.

We believe that hosting one industry conference will save valuable time and money when compared to previous years where all tourism associations host member-based conferences on an annual basis. These conferences usually attract the same delegates and tend to address the same macro-economic issues.

The conference will comprise two-and-a-half days of deliberations, exhibitions, networking and social events with an expanded programme allowing for close delegate interaction.

So, go on and explore the rest of the website for more details on what the conference has in store for you and your business. And remember to take advantage for the early bird registration fees on offer.

For any enquiries please contact the Tourism Business Council of South Africa on:
+27(0)12 654 7525 or via e-mail on