The Special Monkey Home

6th June 2010

This was the fruition of Touch a Monkeys Heart Foundations (now named SAASA's) latest project to create a suitable environment for those elderly and handicapped primates, which for these reasons, could not handling living in their normal environment very well.

Primates from as far a field as Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban joined others from Monkeyland to be released into the new facility.


Primates from all over South Africa were released into the facility during the opening ceremony, with many lined-up to also be released in the near future.


Primate curator Dominik Winkel explained that all animal facilities throughout the World have animals which become old and have difficulty coping with normal situations, there are also those animals that like humans that loose part or all of their sight and need special care. Most institutions are not geared for this, and as a result The Special Home for Special Monkeys has come as a very welcome development for other facilities who keep captive primates in South Africa, as they now have somewhere to send any primates that need special care.


Ironically, most of the primates that arrived from other institutions were being kept there in hospital facilities, and have now been released in to this facility which incorporates more than a hectare of indigenous forest, as well as park like areas.


Dominik explained that the methodology at the center was to keep the primates in a natural environment so they could be stimulated by freedom of movement in an area with trees, fresh air and sunshine, while we keep a constant eye on them. Dominik is the curator at Monkeyland and the Special Home for Special Monkeys.