The Spider, Deer And Monkey

18th June 2010

Along came a monkey and sat down in the cool shade. "There's not much in your larder Lady Spider", said Monkey.

"It is a poor year indeed", said Spider, "I watch and wait, I watch and wait."

"Not many ants and not many termites and hardly any fruit at all", said Monkey with a glum and hungry look.

"But you look so well", cooed Spider, "Your beautiful fur shines so nicely. I'll just come down my thread and stroke it for you. It must be ever so soft."

Monkey jumped away, shouting, "No you won't!"

A while later Deer came by and lay down in the same cool spot watched all the while by Lady Spider.The land shimmered with heat, the dust blew past and for just a few minutes Deer rested his eyes. When he opened them he could not see well at all. He thought he must be ill from the heat. He rose to his feet and stumbled off, as well he could, grazing and browsing through what seemed like a fog or veil before his eyes.

There between his horns sat smiling Lady Spider, for weeks on end, growing large beside a tiny pool of blood.

Moral: Some grow fat off those who do not see the webs before their eyes.