The Worm That Went To Madagascar

9th June 2010

It was about 8am. One of Monkeyland’s curators entered the forest with a bowl of mealworms. The curator (we just call them monkey-dad’s) had just been to the sanctuary kitchen where he collected a large batch of us mealworms for the monkeys to snack on. I was in fear of my life. I really did not want to die this way.  I was special. My deceased mum always told me that: “worms are special too”.


I tried to hide underneath my worm friends.  Cowardly I thought that I might be able to escape if I played dead or lay quietly at the bottom of the bowl.  This way the monkeys who were about to eat us, might be full by the time they reached me, or something like that, and they would let me live. My chances were almost ZERO.  Monkeys crave snacking on us mealworms. I had never prayed so much before.


Then a miracle happened. A girl came flying around the corner and bumped into the monkey-dad. The bowl dropped to the floor.  Both the guy and girl bent over and started to pick us worms up.  I rolled my body to the side of the batch.  I thrust and wiggled my body onto the shoe of the girl and jumped with all my might. I landed inside the turn-up of her pants. Jippie-jah-hoo! I was safe. Little did I know that this girl was about to go to Madagascar.

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