Tourism In Australia - Strange Questions...

8th July 2010

Australian travel agents were asked to list some of the strangest questions asked by holidaymakers and the results revealed plenty of blonde moments.

According to staff from Australia's Sunlover Holidays customer call centre, queries are as varied as they are strange.

"I'm doing a crossword at the moment and need your help. What is the name of that really tall building in the Gold Coast?'' one asked.

Another wanted to know why Australian stop signs were shaped like hexagons and why "they always plant bananas on slopes'' here.

A smoker wanted to know how many cartons of cigarettes they could take on their driving holiday to Queensland and a swimmer asked call centre staff to predict how many people would be in their hotel pool on Good Friday.

Australian geography is often the weakest point for international visitors, one asking what type of car they would need to drive overnight from the Great Barrier Reef to Perth.

Another wondered what passport they would need to visit Melbourne from Queensland.

Yet another asked for staff to compile a list of toilets they could visit while driving from Cairns to Brisbane.

But it seems us Aussies have similar difficulties with geography.

According to Flight Centre staff, would-be Aussie holidaymakers have levelled their fair share of jaw-dropping questions.

"Can I catch a train from Fiji to New Zealand?'' asked one visitor interested in booking a rail holiday.

One traveller was baffled by the concept of international time zones, asking: ''I know it's a long flight but how is it that I take off at 10am in Sydney and land at 10am in Vancouver on the same day? How is that possible?''

Others wondered what the capitals of Africa and Europe were and asked whether Canada and America were different countries.

Another Aussie wondered what their duty free allowance was in Tasmania while another checked that shops in Perth would take the same currency as Brisbane.

"Can you get Australian money out of ATMs overseas?'' asked another.

AND NOW: Dumbest tourist questions 2009

ASKING what time the Loch Ness monster is fed and where the Boston Tea Party takes place are some the stupidest questions asked by tourists.
Tourism boards from around the world have revealed their quirkiest questions of 2009.

According to Jennifer Haz, of the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau, one holidaymaker wanted to know "which beach is closest to the ocean?''

Paul Gauger, of office said he was asked: "Why did they build so many ruined castles and abbeys in England?"

One tourist complained to Philadelphia Tourism that the Kennett Square mushrooms were "not square".

Would-be visitors to Japan have also been disappointed. Nori Akashi, of the Japan tourism, says she has been asked: "How long does it take from Tokyo to Korea - by the famous bullet train?''

Heather Bryant, of Seattle's Convention and Visitors Bureau, says one tourist asked about taking a ferry around downtown. Another wanted to know what time the whales swim by.

Going to the Netherlands? Be sure to visit the tulip factory. At least that's what one visitor wanted to do, Rosina Shiliwala, of the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions said.

Someone also wanted to know if they would end up in Holland if they drove through the Holland Tunnel in New York.