Toxic Food And Harems

9th June 2010
Spectacled Langurs are named for the white rings around their eyes that look like they are wearing glasses or “spectacles”. Interestingly, the babies us lady companions give birth to are orange when they are born! Our little ones change colour as toddlers and start looking like mini-me’s when they are about 9-months old. 


Many things make us Spectacled Langurs fascinating for humans.   Did you know that other than our neon-furred offspring we also indulge in toxic food!


Leaf-eating monkeys, like me, have specialized teeth for chewing leaves. Over half of our diet consists of leaves (58%). It can be difficult to provide us captive leaf-eating monkeys with the correct diet, but at Monkeyland it’s easy since there are so many trees to choose from! Another major component of our diet consists of seeds and fruit (35%). We eat both ripe and unripe fruit. How do we manage this? If humans ate what we ate they would have VERY upset stomachs and could even die.


Well, we are special primates with specialised stomachs. The weird bacteria we carry in our stomachs actually allow us to eat unripe fruit and seeds that would otherwise be inedible and VERY toxic. These stomach bacteria also allow us to absorb the cellulose in leaves.


Other than indulging in toxic food types, we seem to have weird inhumane-like social habits. Spectacled langurs live in either single male/multi-female or multi-male/multi-female groups. Males will defend their females rather than their territories. Ditto when reversed. (The average wild troop size varies from 10-17 individuals).


Anyway – enough about me and others like me – tell me your thoughts re weird or tasty fruit rich meals.  If your recipe includes grubs, toxic fruit, leaves or something else fussy humans don’t always approve of - tell us and we’ll publish your recipe on our website


In exchange we’ll send you a free entry to both Monkeyland and Birds of Eden.


Come on….this is really easy!


* NOTE: The published (on the Monkeyland website) recipes will receive complimentary tickets via the post (so include your P.O.Box number). The unpublished entries will not receive tickets.  There is however no limit to the amount of winners and/or entries you may email to us PLUS we will be issuing prizes until your recipes run out! Let this local initiative be never-ending.